Some of the things I worked during my career


I’m currently an Engineering Manager at Angelini Consumer, managing a team of mobile developers working on the iMamma app.

  • Built the infrastructure and methodologies that allowed the project to grow from 2 developers to 16 developers:
    • Agile Methodologies
    • DevOps Practices
    • CI/CD with GitLab
    • Code Reviews
    • Unit Testing
    • MonoRepo
    • Retrospectives
  • Refactored the project to use new technologies:
    • Kotlin Multiplatform
    • Jetpack Compose
    • Swift
    • SwiftUI
    • Server-Driven UI
  • Organized 9 Direct Reports into two Teams: a Feature-Team that continuously delivers business value and a Platform-Team that improves and refactors the core systems.



  • Led the initiative to move from Waterfall development to Agile and DevOps methodologies and tools, reducing Lead Time from 1-3 months to 3-14 days.
  • Helped move all projects from SVN to Git and GitLab.
  • Worked on a lot of different legacy Java Sprint projects, but that was annoying.
  • Worked on a credential wallet iOS app.


3D Fetuses for iMamma

Developed the iOS viewer for the 3d fetuses for the iMamma app with SceneKit. I also developed a tool that helped preview the models and apply the correct lighting and textures before exporting.

First import in the app wasn’t a success, lol

WeightWidget (never released)

RouletteBetter2 (never released)

I started working on the new version of RouletteBetter with 3D graphics


I worked as Mobile Team leader at Sparkling18, a Fintech company that was later acquired by Nexi.

  • Started and led the initiative to move from a single application to a reusable modular framework, creating new business opportunities.
  • That framework was later used for at least six new clients.
  • Led the refactor from the iOS/Android frameworks to a single C++ codebase



I developed an Apple TV game based on the pitch: “Build a game for a new platform in the shortest time possible”.

Link to a video

Evivoo VR Player

Developed a VR player for iOS. Technologies used:

  • Gyroscope/accelerometer for movement
  • SceneKit for 3D visualization


I worked on the redesign of the social-network app, by leading a group of mobile developers.

2011- 2014

Calcolo IMU

A small utility that was developed in a couple of weeks, to calculate the taxing applied to Italian homes.

Anche se è amore non si vede

Official app for an italian film


An app containing facts and curiosities about the Soccer World Cup.


A tabbed browser for iPad and iPhone, published at a time when tabbed browsers weren’t existing in the platform.


iMamma’s spin-off app, with optimized tools for fertility and for women seeking a pregnancy.

I designed the UX and developed big parts of the application.


iMamma’s spin-off app, with optimized tools for gynecologists and obstetrics professionals.

I designed the UX and developed big parts of the application.


I developed and designed the UX for this app for a client, when the app revolution was in vogue but the phone wasn’t still conceived as a personal assistant.

The app’s still thriving today.


This application lets the user search for nearby affiliated shops and services for discounts. The application used Passbook coupons enabled by geolocation or Beacons and redeemed by scanning a QR Code. The usage of the coupon was updated in real-time by using Push Notifications.

I developed big parts of the app and the backend in Symfony.


Link to a video

This project was only used internally and never achieved commercial success. The goal was to easily allow a magazine or catalogue publisher to create an application. The project was divided between the web backend service and the customizable mobile app. The main features were:

  • iOS Newsstand complete support (background downloading, magazine covers, Newsstand Atom Feed)
  • In-App purchases of single copies or auto-renewable subscriptions
  • Magazine viewer using the ReturnMagazine framework
  • Push Notification support
  • Easily customizable application templates
  • Web Backend to upload and publish the magazines
  • Rest API

I developed the entire system and the backend in Symfony.

Giornale Di Sicilia

A magazine app that I developed for a client.
For this app, I developed a highly optimized PDF downloader/viewer framework for iOS on which I based my University’s Thesis.

The app was conceived for downloading and rendering the magazine during the reading: the users would start reading the magazine shortly after they started the download. In addition, the scrolling was fast even on the oldest devices (iPhone 3GS and iPad 1G). To obtain these results, different technologies were employed:

  • Dedicated threads for render
  • Grand Central Dispatch work queues
  • Aggressive caching
  • Advanced ScrollView techniques.

A video of the first version of the app

1929: Tutti i Numeri del Calcio

I developed this application for iOS, which contained all the data and statistics of the Serie A Championship from 1929 to today.

Users can browse and query for results, statistics, match tables, rankings, scorers, curiosities and much more. The application made extensive use of CoreData: a lot of queries were optimized and different result sets were normalized.


The app that started my iOS development career.

The app suggested the best bets to play at Roulette through probability analysis of the drawn numbers and the previous events.

Betting Strategies:

  • Gland Martingale System
  • D’Alembert Strategy


  • Multiple Betting
  • Editable sets with custom strategies
  • Custom Wagering
  • Budget Management
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Complete number history
  • Ordering of bets from best to worse
  • Auto-save on exit

The app also sold a lot of copies and bootstrapped the funding of my company.


I was assigned to different projects regarding a regional services portal (Regione Siciliana), as a Java developer. I had the opportunity to work in a company with a lot of employees and to learn how to work in big teams.


I worked with a colleague on the design and development of a sports betting terminal, using a low-level UDP Protocol. We also made software to manage automatic updates of programs, accountability software and an ‘explorer.exe’ shell replacement for the Windows Operative System.


Paperboy / Rampage for Game Boy Advance

I was part of a team of 5 people that made the porting of Paperboy and Rampage videogames to the Game Boy Advance platform. I mainly worked on the creation of the game development tools that helped create the levels and the exporting of data, graphics and information as source code files.